Current forums

Cajasol Studies Institute in collaboration with Events4u have projected a new concept of organizing Scientific conferences and Business-Social forums.

What are we referring to?

We want to publish and discuss cutting-edge issues together with the actual leading professionals. This is all done in scientific conferences where we are willing to inform you about the latest advances in any sector of general interest. Our forums and conferences will not be classified into a fixed area, but open to any current topics. Our excitement, effort and hard work is that the Cajasol Studies Institute Conferences and Forums are a benchmark for future progress and that we all grow together. The aim of Cajasol Studies Institute Conferences and Forums is the creation of a modern position for a constructive dialogue between the scientists from different generations. We also propose scientific programs that include lectures with nationally and internationally renowned speakers roundtables and thematic workshops.


Some key aspects which characterize our management of this type of event and which we pay special attention to:


The organization of these scientific and technological forums aims to identify and create working ties with the national scientific community with specializations that suit the interests of different sectors.


Each working day pretends to be a forum between science, administration and citizens where experiences and innovative projects will be shared.


At Cajasol Studies Institute we are open to proposals that come from different scientific centers to take a leading role in the Project and our facilities are available to selected projects and Conferences.


We also count on business forums that we have called European open doors where we welcome both national and international businessmen that use our facilities to discuss advancements and agreements within the business world.