He llorado en Venecia, me he perdido en Manhattan,
he crecido en la Habana, he sido un paria en París.
Santiago de Chile me atormenta,
Buenos Aires me mata,
pero siempre hay un tren que desemboca en Madrid.

Allá donde se cruzan los caminos,
donde el mar no se puede concebir,
donde regresa siempre el fugitivo,
pongamos que hablo de Madrid.

¿Te has parado alguna vez a ver los colores
que estallan en Madrid cuando,
al salir del metro en una tarde otoñal, el sol se va?


Madrid Cuisine

Let’s get to know Madrid through its gastronomy. The offer that waits for you in the capital of Spain is varied, from simple homemade dishes to more elaborate menus in luxurious restaurants. We also invite you to participate in a tradition that is part of the city’s life, like going out for “tapas”: small portions of food with genuine fans. Also, it’s the perfect excuse to go around the historical city center. You can feel the popular and animated ambience of its inns and taverns and walk around the tapas area, which are many. The ones that stand out are from the old part of the city center, with places such as Sol, La Latina, Santa Ana square, la Cava Baja, Cava Alta and Plaza Mayor. You have to take advantage of the occasion to visit taverns with centuries of history. Many of them are decorated with tiles, marble tables, columns and wooden benches: going inside is like going back in time. If you prefer more imaginative and cutting-edge tapas that are of a more sophisticated elaboration and original presentation you can go to the neighborhood of Salamanca where many of these establishments abound. We can not forget San Miguel’s Market situated in the heart of Madrid, near Plaza Mayor. It was once a supplies market frequented by the local neighbors of the area who made their daily purchases. The building was finished in 1916, following an iron and glass architecture that was developed in the XIX century (like the Palacio de Cristal, el Mercado de la Cebada, Atocha Train Station and even the Palacio de Comunicaciones. It was opened in 2009 after a long remodeling and is now unrecognizable, since it went from being a traditional market (now in disuse), to a touristy tapas place (too touristy it could be said) but it’s inevitable when something is so well- maintained and situated.

Madrid and surroundings

Madrid is not only rich in culture and art in its own city, but you can also take some trips to the surrounding areas which we could qualify as unique experiences with great historical content.