"Y es que no hay lugar donde
uno pueda estar tocando el más allá,
cómo en Bilbao.
Si vienes a Bilbao la luna encontrarás.
Allá en lo alto está deseando saludar.
No temas durar.
Resiste Bilbao la pisada del tiempo
y álzate en ola de lluvia
al cielo gris de tu ría.
No temas."


Bilbao´s Guggenheim Museum

Currently, more than a decade after its inauguration in October of 1997, the museum is a reality that has surpassed its most ambitious expectations on an artistic and cultural level and has contriubuted to the urban, economic and social regrowth of the city of Bilbao and its immediate surroundings in an extrordinary way. Belonging to an international museum network allows it access to an extensive Permanent Collection that is made up of the Guggenheim Museum artistic funds, which include the works from Bilbao´s Private Collection.These funds complement each other and together offer a more exhaustive and complete vision of both modern and contemporary art. The museum building, which is now the most recognizable icon in the city of Bilbao, is a great titanium, stone and glass structure designed by the Northamerican architect Frank Gehry. The galleries, some of which are surprising configurations and others that are more regularly shaped, join together around a spectacular atrium crowned with an overhead skylight in the form of a metallic flower.